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Quality Basket Liners for the Longaberger Baskets.

 We make and sell custom basket liners for the Longaberger® Baskets for each holiday and season.   Our Basket Liners and other Basket Accessories are crafted by a team of experienced seamstresses and will fit your baskets beautifully.   The liners are fully lined for durability and have no unfinished seams.  Hand made in the USA.


We now have 6 different basket liner styles to choose from, along with over 50 fabrics, including holiday fabric.  To place a custom order go to make-to-order-liners. This page is still under construction, if the style you want it not available, please contact us. 

 Stand Up Pleats               OTE Tailored                OTE Pleats       


             Lace                          Corded                      Drawstring                     



 For basket liners with no waiting, go to the navigation bars on the left.  In each catagory we offer finished basket liners that are Ready to Ship and will be shipped within 2 business days.  We have many holiday liners in stock.



  **If you would like to send us your fabric to make basket liners, please do so.  Call us at 440-813-9088 or 440-224-1029 if you are not sure about yardage.  Please make sure the fabric is a cotton or a cotton blend.  No silky, tapestry or canvas fabric.** 


Sherri's Basket Accessories, 3037 Lillie Rd, Jefferson, OH 44047.  

Phone: 440-224-1029 or 440-813-9088